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 How does this Roleplay thing work?

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How does this Roleplay thing work? Empty
PostSubject: How does this Roleplay thing work?   How does this Roleplay thing work? I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 12:38 am

I'm sure many people have at least a slight idea what roleplaying is. For those of you that don't, put in simplest terms, it kind of like acting. You take on a character, a role, and then act and interact with other characters based on the personality and experiences of the role you've chosen.

In other words, Roleplaying is a chance to take on an alter-ego, another persona. Its the chance to become someone, or something, else, and dive into another world. The idea is to become a single character in a story you or someone else has created.

The basic idea of a roleplay is that someone creates a story, and they look for people to play characters in that story. Everyone then moves through the plot, either rigidly or loosely, depending on the creator, and create the world, story, and events that shape these characters.

That's what we're here for. We have no set genre, no set story, we're open to all types of roleplay, and we welcome all ideas and genres. If you have an idea for a roleplay, please, submit the idea and get some people together to bring your story to life, or join a story that truely sparks your interest!

In short, Roleplay IS:
-Character developing
-Creative Writing

What roleplay is NOT:
-Online dating
-Novel writing

Now then, there are a few terms and concepts you should become familiar with if you aren't already!

Modding is frowned upon by most roleplayers. What is Modding you ask? Well, its when:
1. You control another person's character without their permission.
2. You take away a person's chance to react to your characters actions
3. You create a character so powerful, it makes the story less exciting or more unpleasant for everyone else, or interferes with the overall plot.
4. Extremely flat characters, to the point in which they have no flaws, no weaknesses, perfect at everything, etc etc.

These actions are considered extremely rude, and will likely make people less willing to join an rp you've created, or allow you to join their own rp.

Many people enjoy making characters that have little to do with each other, and then fight each other. This is known as sparring. The characters are expected to take damage each post, and do not die, but are simply defeated, though exact rules change from match to match.

Another word often used is smut. Smut is Sex roleplay, pure and simple. Many roleplayers often indulge in smut, which is okay, but if your rp is nothing but dicks and vaginas, we ask you take it to the messages.

That about wraps it up ladies and gentlemen! Please, go out, have fun, and roleplay to your hearts' content!

As shumari tu malen
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How does this Roleplay thing work?
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