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 Arrasian Championship

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Rokku Hizori
Head Diplomat
Head Diplomat
Rokku Hizori

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PostSubject: Arrasian Championship   Arrasian Championship I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 11:55 pm

Arras seeks a champion…
Do you have what it takes?
The greatest warriors from across the world are making themselves known to their respective kingdoms. Each nation shall select a champion, and they shall meet on the field of battle, in a grand tournament, and a single winner shall emerge. Fame, glory, respect, and riches shall be theirs. Their name shall be uttered by the lips of every man woman and child on the planet. Their legacy will be told for generations to come. They shall be declared the greatest warrior in all of Arras, beloved of God and chosen of man, all will know who they are.

Is it you?

Find out, for now is the time to take up sword and shield and fight! Bring forth your magic, your spear, your tactical brilliance! Come forth warriors! Heed the trumpet’s call! Stand forward, and etch your name on the pedestal of time!

The following nations have yet to declare a champion:
The Agasarian Empire-Speak to Emperor Kilvan (Rokku Hizori)
The Kingdom of Tarvanna-Speak to King Hrothulf (Jukujin)
The Queendom of Sardonai-Speak to Queen Anya (Layne)
The Turobian Kingdom-Speak to Sultan Aca-Tura (Jukujin)
The Queendom of Desera-Speak to Queen Sha-zuk (Layne)
The Republic of the Dwarves-Speak to Senator Vadun (Rokku Hizori)
Darconia, Land of the Elves-Speak to Vizar Daluve (Illiana)
The Sitchai Empire-Speak to Emperor Jut-su (Iliana)

Information to submit to world leaders:
Name of character
Magical ability (Only Elemental and energy magics. Think Battle magic from rpgs)
Weapons (Medieval weapons ONLY.)

As shumari tu malen
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PostSubject: Re: Arrasian Championship   Arrasian Championship I_icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 12:47 am

A quick question, if enough people post sheets, will this still go on?

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Arrasian Championship
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