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 The Little Things

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PostSubject: The Little Things   The Little Things I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2012 2:40 pm

Do you suffer from Short Post Syndrome?

Do you crave more details in your posts, but don't know how to get there?

Then observing your surroundings is for you! cheers Double high five!

All joking aside, using your setting can be incredibly useful for making posts more interesting for your partners to read, and can give others more to respond to when it's their turn. Short posts are okay, but if they lack quality, you aren't really leaving the other person with a lot of options. There is more than one way to make a good impression with a post, but here is just one. Let me give you an obnoxious example to illustrate my point.

Sarah was sad that she was rejected from college.

Aww, poor Sarah. We know what happened and how she feels, but it's kind of a short statement. If this was in a roleplay, it might come off as boring. How did she know that she was rejected? Most people find out with a letter. Why not try incorporating that into your post?

Sarah walked up to her front door and checked the mailbox out of habit. Just one envelope inside - a letter from the University. She tore it open excitedly, not even bothering to go inside. Dear Sarah, we regret to inform you.. Rejection. She sighed and held back tears, going inside to hunt down the carton of ice cream that suddenly had her name written all over it.

Isn't that more interesting to read? It takes a little more effort, yes, but once it's a habit, it won't seem like more work. Painting a picture for your reader is appreciated, and works both ways!

Sometimes you'll have to be more creative about what you're doing. Let's say you're roleplaying in a one-on-one story. Your partner's character has just invited your character into their house for the very first time. You both step inside, and they say something along the lines of 'here it is!' or 'do you like it?' What they say doesn't really matter here, but how your character reacts does. Chances are, they've already described the house to you, so you know the rough size and maybe who lives there. Now it's up to you to observe and comment. If this was real life, you wouldn't take one step inside and start talking about something else, so you probably shouldn't do that in your roleplay. Why not use the opportunity to find more out about the character you are playing against?

You could, for example, walk in and see a picture hanging on the wall. This is where you need to be careful. You don't want to assume what it is - it isn't your house. Maybe it's a painting of flowers, but maybe it's a family portrait. Say something that doesn't indicate knowledge. You could say that your character walked over to the picture and looked at it, or say something like 'Oh, what's this?' while going over to look at a picture on a mantle or a table. The other character will respond with an explanation and likely take that chance to tell you something you didn't know before. 'Oh, that's a picture of my little brother. He died ten years ago.' Well there! You didn't even know they had a little brother! You are enlightened!

I hope this is useful to at least some of you. I really could keep going, but I just want to lay out the general ideas for you. Creating your own settings will be a different topic. For now, just work with what you've got! Very Happy

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The Little Things
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