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 Four Point Talismans

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PostSubject: Four Point Talismans   Four Point Talismans I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2012 11:21 pm

Grimline sobbed as she clutched the sliver chains to her bossom. One could only compare her grief to one of a mother forced to leave her children. In a way, some supposed, they were children. Living, but not...thinking. But she had to. It had gotten too dangerous. Somthing created out of such pure intention had warped into a spiderweb of malicous irony. He was coming, she knew that much. No name or intention, just the warning. The queen could assume the force upon them would swallow the talismans whole for his own intentions. When all three moons reached their fullest peak, the plan was acted out. The first, an emerald. Representing earth, it was burried in the Fields of Damon. Next, the diamond. A wind stone, hung amongst the Hidden Trees, on the highest pale branch. The most recent of the gems, the saphire, with the same coloring of the waters it protected. It was thrown deep into the West Sea. Lastly, Ruby, with a burning, firey touch like no flame could provide. The cruelst and strongest power, fire. Dipped into the Volcanic Mountain Pass, into the hot magma it slipped away. Places no one would ever recapture the Four Points Talismans, where no one could benefit nor destroy with their power. The legends disolved to rumors, bed time stories for restless nymphs or to be told by elders near a low fire. A handful of adventurors have searched desperately for the tokens, but to no evail. Often, it was the last thing they were ever graced in doing. As for the force we spoke of, he hid in the shadows, waiting for the chance. Waiting for the day when the people destened by birth would reclaim the Talismans back into the hands in wich they truly belong
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Four Point Talismans
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