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 Asmund Bjornson

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PostSubject: Asmund Bjornson   Asmund Bjornson I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2015 7:48 pm

Name: Asmund Bjornson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 6'4"/245 pounds
Build: Well Muscled
Hair: Dark Brown, shoulder-length
Facial Hair: Dark Brown, chest length, braided and full of trinkets
Skin: Tanned
Race: Human
Physical Description: Standing tall above the crowd, his dark brown hair flowing in the breeze behind him. The smell of the sea permeated the air of the sea town. Long braided beard fell about his chest, and braided in true Norse fashion. Beads, metal clasps, and semi-precious trinkets all braided in his beard. Strong broad face was clearly the genetics of the Norse Raiders, Vikings. Broad shoulders and strong body covered by a mixture of leather, chain, and fur armor. Fur created the most base layer for comfort and warmth, leather over top of the fur for sturdiness, and lastly the nosy chain fell about his form for the last line of defense. Upon his back was a large round shield, a strip of metal running around the rim and a metal half-sphere cap in the middle. The image of a large generic looking bear painted on the wood. Upon his left hip was a large broadsword, and a bearded ax. The Viking stroll by everyone, either ignoring or unaware of the stares he brought upon himself.

Always let them hate, as long as they fear!!!
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Asmund Bjornson
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