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 Untitled Novel #2

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PostSubject: Untitled Novel #2   Untitled Novel #2 I_icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2014 12:52 pm


If somebody had walked up to Fayth Daniels on the day that she met Billy Rommston and told her that one day he would be the most important boy in her life, she wouldn't have believed them. In fact, she probably would have called them a liar, informed them that boys had cooties, and then kicked them in the shin before running off to play on the swings with everybody else.

They were six at the time - though Billy was four days older and took great pride in reminding Fayth of that every time December rolled around in the years after. Both stuck in a first grade class with an elderly teacher who always smelled of figs and told very boring stories about her own children. Since she had no pictures to show, the children assumed that she had given birth to dinosaurs. It wasn't until much later that they recognized what a brilliant woman Mrs. Jones really had been.

The first day that Fayth saw Billy, she knew he was trouble. He was an inch taller than she was, with a skinny body and a mess of black hair that almost hid his bright blue eyes. What made her think 'trouble', however, was the fact that his hands were covered in mud.. and she was wearing her brand new dress that she had been repeatedly warned not to get dirty today. She was supposed to visit her grandmother after school, so she had to look very nice and act like a lady.

Needless to say, she was covered in mud a scarce five minutes later and her mother had to be called to bring a fresh set of clothes.

It took two years after that for her to speak to him again. By then she had started gymnastics lessons and he was busy with soccer almost every day, since his father seemed to think that he could nudge his smallest son into being a jock. They barely ever crossed paths, except on the bus. One of Fayth's best friends caught the flu, so she sat with Billy instead of being alone. They talked the entire time, chattering about friends and teachers and all sorts of playground gossip. By the time her friend was healthy enough to return to school, Fayth had found a new permanent seat next to Billy.

By the end of middle school, they were inseparable. Fayth was on the cheering squad and had joined the chess team, because Billy taught her how to play and wanted a friend on the team. To their teachers, it seemed as though it was going to turn into a typical popular girl falling for a slightly nerdy boy. There was no doubt to anybody on the outside that the two would wind up together someday, even if they swore up and down that they would never go outside the best friend line.

That was when everything changed.

Billy's dad got a promotion, and the whole family had to move. Ten states, thousands of miles. It was heartbreaking for Fayth, who didn't even know how to function without Billy anymore. They made promises to call and write every single day, and to go to each other's high school graduations. Everything would stay the same, and they were determined to make it happen.

The day that Billy left, he gave Fayth three gifts. First was a long silver necklace with a star pendant on it. He told her that it was a key, but she didn't understand until she opened her second gift. It was a beautiful wooden music box that he had carved and put together himself, with help from his dad. When the pendant was inserted into the back and wound it up, the box played a soft lullaby. She loved it immediately and promised to wind it up every day, so that she would think of him every time.

It took her ten years to find his final gift.

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Untitled Novel #2
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