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 FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings!

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PostSubject: FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings!   FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings! I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 04, 2014 3:32 am

FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings! Cooltext1411004716_zps50b6e736

Goddess of Enigma and Protector of all of Hima, Levion, Supreme Empress of Hima watched over the people, creatures, and morale throughout the land. She was the peacekeeper, the uniting, and the all wise Goddess of Hima. The sky was her throne, Hima was her home, and every person, creature, and belief was the life force coursing through her veins from age to age....

But does peace ever last?

FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings! Large_zps5b230d46

Every creature has the urge to kill. Every person does an act of crime. Every to sit on the highest throne. The darkness in the hearts of life can no longer be ignored. They are always there: burning through skin or hide. Coursing ravishingly through veins until ready to explode. Boiling with the help of envy, greed, and insanity. Levion, goddess of good and truth, is the peace keeper. There can not be darkness where there is peace.

In reverse, however, with darkness...there can be no peace. And darkness is the dominance.

Levion, though trying to keep the balance, can not take on darkness by herself. The beliefs people made in her wavered. The obiednace of the beasts and aeons are disputed, and the empires of Hima have doubts of having a Goddess hold the high power. In fear and rage, Levion unleashed her wrath on Hima. Sprouting the Wings of Levion for the first and last time in the history of life itself, Levion poisoned every magical creature that graced the earth. The fuel of their anger...was the fuel of her people. Beast became envious of territory. Aeons became greedy with power, and the core of beasts, Mudon, was tainted with hatred for all outside life.

Instead of saving Hima, Levion only cursed it. After successfully punishing Hima, Levion's life ended in a shatter of feathers, that scattered to all of Hima, infusing into any and everything they landed on. that action...there is always a hope for peace.

FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings! Glowing_Sakura__s_Feather_by_Coeurdelouve_zps1da96d2d


1.)POSTS: Pretty much going to be like a regular role play, one post at a time. Make sure that when you post, at least make it a paragraph. I don't want a post to say, "And then he ran." :/ Chunk some detail up in that thang! >=3 

2.) SUBPLOTS: These might complicate you. If you know about FF then you know about the many long distance friendships, new found love, long lost siblings, best friends forever, rivals, etc...PARTICIPATE IN THOSE! Create the bond yourself! Whether you want it to develop when you're actually IN the role play or whether you PM the other member and ask for permission, do what is necessary! We don't all want to be strangers now do we?


3.) BATTLES: Now where it gets tough. I don't want to stray to far away from the gaming elements of FF either, so that's why the battles are going to be entered. If you have never played any FF games, don't worry, it won't be hard to follow along. For starters PLEASE don't make a one v one battle. FF is a team thing, so include somebody (whether another member or made up character!)

When the battle begins, at the top of your post, put the words BATTLE ENSUES! You can decorate the words however you want, but just make it BIG and foreboding! >=D Once that is done, you basically post like a regular post (It'd be awesome if you change your color differently to adjust to battle scenes). Write a detailed description of your actions, not just "Riname waits. Riname uses Fire. Riname wins." Depending on who you are fighting with, make sure when the battle is over, that player buts the words VICTORY! or LOSS! at the end of the battle scene. You may continue with the post after the battle is done.

For players NOT battling, continue on with your posting! Don't wait 6 days for the end of the battle! Hima NEEDS you! Maybe you stumble across another players battle and decide to help? So be it! >=D KICK SOME ASS.

That's pretty much all! If there are any questions, feel free to ask! =)

NAME:(Insert Sweet Ass Final Fantasy Name)

AGE:(An Awesome Number!)

CLASS:(Warrior, Gunner, Black/White Mage, Summoner, Thief, Anything That I'm Missing.)

BACKGROUND:(Do you live in an empire that is waging war against all of Hima? Are you a heart-felt beliver that Levion will return and restore peace? Do you hate Levion for what she's done but enjoy kicking beasts ass? Do you feel that it is up to the people of Hima to restore peace themselves by ridding Hima of all darkness, including animals? Etc.)

YOUR PLACE IN HIMA:(Traveler? High Noble? Commoner?)

ANY OTHER INFO:(Write Your Little Heart Out!)

FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings! Cooltext1404612370_zps6cca0797
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FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings! Empty
PostSubject: Re: FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings!   FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings! I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 04, 2014 4:06 am

NAME: Zalnin Cain

AGE: 27

CLASS:Black Mage

BACKGROUND: Zalnin is a wise strategy kind of guy. Always a few steps ahead of whoever he's trying to get past. Using his charm and intellect to his advantage is one thing, but also can make him very deadly to confront if unprepared. Using some of the strongest arcane magics known to Hima, Zalnin can easily turn situations in his favor. But with such power came a rather unneeded reputation, thus forced him to move to a different location entirely.


ANY OTHER INFO: Zalnin's feather is kept on a string that is attached to his hood and dangles in front of his neck. Right where he can look down and see it.

Want to see something really scary?
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FINAL FANTASY: Levion's Wings!
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