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 Drew Been

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PostSubject: Drew Been    Drew Been  I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 31, 2014 2:31 am

Name: Drew Been

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Occupation: Usher for a movie theater.


-One, Two...: A natural mathematician. He's good with numbers so far to the point that if he can see something, he can put it into numbers. He's that kid that can count the beans in the jar by looking at them and get damn near close to the accurate number. Comes in handy when trying to portion things.

-Pyromaniac: He loves explosions. All kinds. He is your natural dynamite expert with the kind of attitude that is usually found in risk takers. He may not know it will blow up at a designated time or distance, but why not try it the hell out? If there are two wires, he'll make sparks. Sparks start things and things that start can blow up as well. It can be something simple from trailing intricate lines of gasoline to make a beautiful fire show, or rigging a building.

-We Got This: Drew is the supposed comic relief in a bad problem. He explodes optimism, but not in that childish boy type way. He is the couch that well call you dirty and weak and a coward only to get you to try the drill again. He rarely takes no for an answer and dives head first into situations just to get the upper hand in it. If anyone is down, he's a shoulder slugger and some corny, stupid ass one liner that will ultimately piss everyone off, but its much needed, eh?


-In Denial: He never looks at everything as a whole. He can never see the bigger picture so he will formulate a bigger picture in his head. He does not like believing 'the worst has yet to come' and definitely does not enjoy apologizing for anything, even if he was the one in the wrong. It's a pride kind of thing.

-Watch Out for That Gravity: He fails at standing straight. Gravity kicks him in the ass so many times its ridiculous. He is clumsy, tripping over thin air if its there. Running is not his forte for he would trip down a cliff if it came to it. He just can't seem to grip on the foot-to-ground-ratio everyone else has. He's what you would cal an "Kiss the Ground" boy.

Outward Personality: "Don't worry, guys! Those bastards won't know what the fuck hit them!" Always outwardly positive and ready to get the show on the road. Drew comes off as being laid back and ready for anything, confident enough to know that he and everyone else are going to come out victorious. He will go so far as to make up makeshift facts about how they can not possibly be killed. All in good spirit.

Inward Personality: Scared shitless. He's 19 and his life has not even kicked off yet. Working at the movies, he's seen a lot of films about these certain types of situations, and he never thought he'd be in one himself. He is a panicker in the inside, latching onto the first idea in his head and blurting it out without even thinking clearly on it. Drew doesn't want everyone to know he's really a soft piece of tissue in the inside, so he bonds as one of the bro's outwardly, showing everyone he has the nuts to do this.

General History: His life was pretty much the life of the average teen. He went to all levels of school, eventually graduating a year and a half ago. Since his lack of stability kept him from doing anything athletic, Drew decided to pursue something more on the lines of being a teacher. His friends, the neighborhood jocks, did not agree with him on that area of expertise. To them, Drew was one of the bros. He had the look, the attitude, and did not look to appear like some smart ass math whiz. He was chill and relaxed all the time so they figured he should get a steady hourly paying job,

Drew, of course, disagreed. It'd be dumb to waste his 'good talents' on being something stupid like a burger flipper or any other part time occupation. Unfortunately for him, his stamina and optimism didn't keep his parents from getting that divorce and tearing the family apart. It was some family: mother father, and drew. Drew had no siblings and no close friends to tag along with. He wanted what any other son wanted, to be noticed by his father. And he was: noticed as a complete waste of air and space. Drew stooped lower than low, doing everything he could to please his dad, even dropping his dream of going to the bigger college across town because of what a 'pinch' it would give to his dad's pocket.

He settled with working at the theater. And for what? For them to get that divorce regardless? Leaving him with his mother and with a burning hatred of all people who represent the perfect big brother or father. Drew was broken with nothing to show for his math skills but counting popcorn on the floor.


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Drew Been
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