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 The Hero's Call

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PostSubject: The Hero's Call   The Hero's Call I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 12:42 am

The kingdom of Glorinthor has seen its share of war and now enjoys a quiet peace but an evil necromancer defeated years ago by two heroes has resurfaced and seeks to destroy the world we love. The king of the land has issued a call for anyone willing to answer so that heroes may once again rise to save this world from evil. Will you be the one he seeks?

Setting: Medieval

Kingdom name: Glorinthor

The old heroes: Juku and Anbuasassin18
High Necromancer:
Servant of Evil:
Heroes: (archer, warrior/paladin, wizard , priest)
Character Sheet

Name : Something to fit the setting
Age: 18+
Appearance : You may draw your character or use an image to represent them
Role : Remember only 1 person can fill a role there are no plural roles this is first come first serve
Abilities : If you are not a hero or the necromancer this doesn't apply to you
History : Get creative

1. No vampirism or lycanthropy

2. No white magic

3. The servant of evil has no magic

4. Necromancer can only animate bodies that have not been buried on sacred ground and cannot resurrect dead minions. Any corpse that is animated comes back stronger than a normal human would be. Can use black magic to change weather and send messages etc. get creative with that (astral projection, appearing in fire and what not)

5. The Priest will be a servant of the light and will not have the ability to heal etc (see rule 2) and will have the privilege of creating the religion and its proverbs etc. They can give blessings to the heroes and townsfolk they may encounter

6. The wizard will not be a warlock and deals in arcane magic. They cannot summon familiars as this count as dark magic but has more of a Merlin spell set. Within these guidelines the wizard may create their own spells and what not. Magic cannot be used for personal gain such as creating coins.

7. The warrior/paladin can be portrayed differently. If the player chooses to be a paladin, they will be a religious zealot that seeks to put an end to all evil with a strong sense of justice within them as well. The paladin may also pass out blessings. If a warrior is chosen, the player will have a little more liberty but the warrior must maintain the sense of justice the paladin would have. Remember for the paladin, no white magic (rule 2).

8. The archer may be from the army or a small town background such as a huntsman. They may use bows such as longbows or short bows but no crossbows. A quiver with arrows will need to be present and you will not have an endless loop of ammo so you need to take into account arrow supply as the story progresses. For melee you may use daggers or one handed swords if necessary. No Robin Hood backstory.

9. No hero is to be a thief ever or under any circumstances.


If you have any questions about joining or more about the roleplay private message me, Anbuasassin18, or Juku.
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PostSubject: Re: The Hero's Call   The Hero's Call I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 12:43 am

Name : Grillock, Wizard of the First Order
Age: 54
Appearance : WizardSection_01.jpg
Role : One out of two surviving heroes that first defeated the necromancer
Abilities : Arcane ablities, can open portals to different places in the world. Able to understand ancient languages. The only remaining master of the Archon form which only another wizard may master
History : Grillock was born in a small village on the borders of the kingdom. When he reached the age of 13, the Wizards of the Order came to his house to bring him into their care for there was a prophecy that he would play a key role in defeating a great evil. Grillock, however, didn't believe the wizards and tried to convince his parents that he was no magician. It was then that he learned he was adopted and that his true parents were great wizards that gave their lives to seal a Demon into a stone. Upset and in rage Grillock fled his home where his anger was so great that the dormant arcane powers within him lashed out at the surroundings. Upset by what he had done he fell to his knees and began to weep when the high wizard Antioch approached him and placed his hand upon his shoulder. From that day Grillock trained with the wizards until the time came where he left to journey on his own. It was during his travels that he and three other heroes defeated the great evil the prophecy spoke of. 30 years passed and Grillock is now one out of two surviving members of that party and spends his days troubling over a prophecy Antioch had told him of shortly after his success that the great evil would one day resurface and that he must find a way to help stop it. When the Hero's Call was issued, Grillock knew it was time to fulfill the prophecy and made ready to journey to the Royal Palace of Glorinthor.
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PostSubject: Re: The Hero's Call   The Hero's Call I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 12:49 am

Name : Father Averion
Age: 38
Appearance : Priest.jpg
Role : priest
Abilities : Invokes the Gods' favor through blessings.
History : Chosen at the age of 9 to become a priest, he has studied and dedicated his entire life to the priesthood. He was the son of a noble family, and eagerly took on the challenge of becoming a priest. He studied well, and became a very intelligent man. He fulfills his role well, going through and preaching, and performing rites and the like. He is kind hearted, but his kindness ends when he finds a servant of the dark gods. As a High Priest, he knows the rights of all gods, but refuses to perform the rites of all wicked gods.

Everyone will need to know the basics of the religion, here they are:
Living Saint

Gods and blessings:

Lasuri: Goddess of Farming, Life and fertility, patron of expecting mothers and farmers, and couples wanting a child
Lasuri, hear my plea! Siphon thy life into these children of yours, make them strong and reach for you. : Makes plants grow faster.
Lasuri, hold thine hand over this land, bring forth life from death.: Blesses a field, making it more fertile.
Lasuri, swim with this water. Grant it your life, your love, your blessing. Water blessed by Lasuri quenches thirst better, and perks plants up faster.
Di: God of Commerce and safe travels, patron of merchants, sailors, traders, and anyone going on a trip.
Di guide your path. Encourages safe travel and allows faster movement.
Di line your life with gold. Encourages good business, and increases chances of finding gold.
Vern: God of Luck, patron of gamblers, generals, and prisoners.
Our chances are slim, Vern, your aid is needed! See that fortune favors us! : Makes you luckier.
Sovus: God of warfare and time. Patron of warriors, officers, and bookeepers.
Humble the enemy, oh Sovus! Make them see the might that follows your children! Fight with us! Kill with us! Win with us!: Boosts strength
Sovus, enter these stones. May your presence bring forth their true nature. Stones blessed by Sovus will be heavier, but only to one deemed as an enemy. IE, throwing a pebble will be similar to throwing a bowling ball, but only to who you’re throwing it at.

Shas: Godess of love, beauty, the arts, and revelry. Patron of lovers, husbands and wives, politicians, and partygoers, artists, writers and entertainers
Turn the water to mead, and the bread to sweets! Let us all dance and be merry, for life is short and Shas is ready! –Blesses mead, making whoever drinks it ecstatic, or does exactly what it says.

Dark Gods
Valus: God of darkness and treachery, vice and death. Patron of thieves, liars, dictators, and necromancers.
Death is yours to command, oh Valus. Bring forth the dead! Send them back to earth! Let them rise and fight for your ends! Resurrects 2-7 corpses.
Those who cower in the light shall know suffering! Let this source of life rot! Let it take it rather than grant it! Curses water, turning it to acid that sears flesh, metal, and stone.
Salif: Godess of Sickness, patron of witches and those who wish ill upon others.
Salif! Hear me! Bring forth a scourge upon this land! Afflict those who serve the light!: Forces sickness upon a living thing.
Casiel: God of destruction and chaos. Patron of all who follow darkness.
Darkness shall consume all. So Casiel has said, so let it be! All hail the Lord of destruction! Brainwashes an enemy, making them fight for darkness for a time.
Dasuk: Goddess of greed, patron of lawyers, and swindlers.
Dasuk, grant my wish! Bring to me that which I most desire! : Grants wish based in greed.
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The Hero's Call
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