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 Writing Challenge #2

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PostSubject: Writing Challenge #2   Writing Challenge #2 I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 3:25 pm

Here is your second writing challenge!

Here's how it works. Staff members can post Challenges - only Staff for now since I don't want a million going at once. If you have an idea, just message one of us and we'll make sure it's used, alright? The poster chooses the winner. Staff can participate too.

Alright, here we go!

Write a short story/post/something. The theme for your piece is: Gears.


I really like rainbows
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PostSubject: Re: Writing Challenge #2   Writing Challenge #2 I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 6:43 pm

This randomness was really fun to write. Thanks for the prompt!


James George sits at his computer. He's playing some internet game, a small little time waster that one of his friends recommended to him over e-mail. Little men run across the screen, attempting to destroy a massive castle he spent hours building. He swears as an archer-themed enemy takes a shot at one of the guards protecting the main gate, his last line of defense.

The game is a part of his life now, the reason why he exists- or at least that's what he thinks. James is an only child with a roomful of electronics and the latest gadgets. His parents want him to be happy, so they buy him things. That's the reason that they fuel his obsession, purchasing add ons that increase his character's building speed and decreases the difficulty of the enemies.

James's mother is slightly concerned at the amount of time he spends holed up in his room, playing that game. She tries to get him outside, get him to socialize outside of school, get him to join a sport, get him to do anything but sit there all day. James ignores her and sits at his desk littered with wires and small devices as he sets another couple of citizens to breed a guard.

When James isn't on his computer, he goes to sleep or goes to school. He doesn't do his homework (it wastes game time, he reasons), and his grades are past the point of being saved. There's four days left until summer vacation, so why even try? Not like he tries at the beginning or the middle, but his reasoning is always the best at the end.

The outside of James's virtual castle starts to crumble, and he hears his mom call him down for dinner. He briefly shouts that he's not hungry, and attempts to save his quickly-dying lines of defense. The clock ticks in the background, showing how much times James has until he can summon a dragon. Two more minutes- that's all it will take. Then, after he saves himself with the fire-breathing creature, he'll go to bed.

He finds himself up until 12:00 PM, rebuilding his castle. James only notices the time when his laptop overheats and shuts down on itself after auto saving his game. His mind whirls through what he can do to save his electronic life (he's not a idiot, he knows his way around computer and electronics), and comes up with a blank.

James pushes himself away from his desk, careful not to disturb his laptop's picky charging cable, and wanders over to his bed- a simple green affair- to slip on his steampunk themed pajamas. They're grey and brown, with small fanticle designs embroidered all over them. He glances over to his surprisingly clear nightstand as he discards his sky blue t-shirt, the digital display on his Pokemon clock reading "12:31 PM". He sighs and finishes undressing, his jeans being thrown over the back of his mesh desk chair when they come off. His mind is still in the game, and he can't get rid of it. He doesn't feel tired, just....ready to build another computer base.

James trudges back over to his desk and pulls out the chair. He ignores his laptop and rummages through the single drawer on the side of his desk, pulling out some copper wire, two small Lego gears, and a pair of rounded pliers. He flicks on his desk lamp (there was no need for it to be on before; there was the laptop for light) and goes to work on making something for the sake of calming his brain so he can sleep.

Not very many people would peg James as an artsy person, just a boy without any respect for his parents. Those types of stereotypical kid aren't artistic, an unfortunate assumption for both James and all those kids who acted like jerks. James would say his friends were surprised by the fact that he liked fiddling around with wire- if he had any.

Eventually his mind calms down and the first signs of sleep show on James. His eyes droop and his movements get sloppy, his pliers sitting discarded next to his left hand. He finds himself unable to string the wire through the spiked Lego gears, and gently places his creation, an intricate wire plane, on his desk before flicking off his lamp before heading to his bed. The darkness of night envelops his small room, and he is only guided by the blue numbers on his alarm clock.

At 4:35 AM, James George sleeps for the first time that night, finally wrenched out of his fantasy world by the small sculpture he made. When he wakes, his wire plane has mysteriously disappeared.

Years pass and the game becomes less of a center in James's life, making way for after school jobs and high school graduation. He never forgets that little plane though, and attempts to recreate it every night. He can never get it right though (even when he uses the same pliers and the same materials, it still doesn't turn out how he remembers it), and starts to create little creatures instead. Every night they go missing, but James George doesn't find it in himself to care. He doesn't have an attachment to the little creations of his; they're just there to calm him down when he needs it. He always uses lego gears though. He wonders if that has something to do with it. Eh, he thinks one rainy afternoon when he's seventeen, it doesn't matter.

But he does wonder when he catches little glimpses of wire creatures out of the side of his eyes, and he doesn't when he spots a little lego gear-copper wire plane flying in the sky.

Instead of thinking of anything, including the game, he smiles.


*bows* I hope you enjoy the randomness.

I like green. And writing the insane people.

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Writing Challenge #2
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