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 The Gravedigger.

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PostSubject: The Gravedigger.    The Gravedigger.  I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 4:21 pm

Setting: New Hope City Cemetery August 14th, 2011
Time: Night 11:24 p.m.

-A couple is taking a stroll along the sidewalk , enjoying a small joke when they look over the fence and  stop for a moment. They seem to notice something moving.-

Lynda: "Do you see that?..."
Doug: "See what?..That cat?..Or what am I lookin' at ere?"
Lynda:-points over toward where she sees movement- "There..Do you see it now?"
Doug: "Yeah.. I see it..Kinda looks like a person..But how is that so? -Doug glances at his watch- It's 11:30..Everything is closed by now."
Lynda: "You don't suppose..That's.."
Doug: "Oh shush, that's just a myth..Ain't no spooky wooky hole digger...That's just something we tell kids to make sure they don't stay out too late."

-Lynda takes a moment to breath and regain her composure before snuggling close to Doug as they walk out of sight. But little do they know that Grawgh could see and hear their conversation clearly. As he sticks his shovel in the ground beside the empty grave he was digging.-

Grawgh: "That should be deep enough. Sad though..Another claim for the heavens soon enough." -Grawgh steps over to the headstone and pulls out of his satchel a chisel, and begins to carve into the stone slowly and carefully. Being sure to decorate each part as he moves onto the next.-

Grawgh: "I'd best not dally too long..There are more spots that must be...reserved."

-Grawgh pulls back a bit examining his work. A small smile grows on his shadowy face as he rises to his feet slowly and grabs his shovel by the handle. Taking the chisel and scratching on the head of the shovel a tally mark, lowering the shovel back down and dragging it by the handle as he slowly walks to the next spot to begin digging before the sun shines. As the light of the moon moves across the ground, the name on the stone revealing to be "Doug" with a phrase written under it. "A fair lover til his untimely death."-

August 15, 2011
New Hope University.
Mysterology - A study of the common mysteries we can't seem to understand how they came to be.

-In the classroom, the students are talking about until the professor walks in and slams his bag on the desk quickly silencing everyone. it was quiet enough that you could hear a cockroach twiddle across the floor.-

Professor Quronotz: "Alrighty Ladies and Spents...Today we're going to be talking about your upcoming projects..And also be learning about why so many common things remain a mystery in the eye of the normal society..person.-

-The students remain quiet, while some are writing down in their books about the project.-

Professor Quronotz: "Now! This project is going to revolve anything you all can think of as a mystery..And no it cannot.. REPEAT! Be anything we've discussed in class REPEAT! discussed in class! This project will take more then one mind to really understand all the layers of the mystery. You will have to tell me what you will be researching..and then prepare a slideshow for your fellow peers..So that way we all can wonder and discuss it. Please take the rest of class to find your two other partners and discuss what you will be doing..Yada blah..Most likely you all will talk and wait til last minute before deciding anything.." -As Quronotz sits at his desk reading a magazine-

-Everyone is discussing their projects surprisingly. As a young girl named Ellie;a blonde with more intelligence then most people in the class but you would never be able to tell. turns around to get her friend Chuck; a laid back gamer who knows how to have fun and is very well coordinated.-

Ellie: "Chucky! You know we're going to work on this project together right?"
Chuck: "I can't exactly say no, now can I? But have ya got anything in mind for this?..I mean it's one thing that this class exists..But now this project exists.."
Ellie: "Umm.. I was thinking we'd do something everyone likely won't."
Chuck:"Which by judging our class...Will be very hard..Because you know them..They will want to pick something incredibly easy and get that grade 'an head outta this class with an A"
Ellie: "True...Very true. We should get someone else in our group..We need three Quronotz said."
Chuck: "Yea..But who?.."

- As Chuck and Ellie look around, one of the football players comes over and sits himself down in the empty chair near them. Bruco, as he's called by his team and fans. A beefy, strong guy with a "Bro" personality.-

Bruco: "What's up Bro-ha's! -slaps Chuck's shoulder- So, have you guys got a third partner yet?
Ellie:" Well..Er..No.."
Bruco: "Righteous! Then I'll be happy to be the third member of your group! So what's bri-dea?"
Chuck: "Bri-Dea?"
Ellie: "We're were gonna do something most of the class wouldn't."
Bruco: "How bout we do the mystery of football fields?!"
Chuck: -softly-"Who the hell says Bri-Dea?"
Ellie: -just glares at Bruco for a moment and shakes her head-
Bruco: "Oh! How bout..Brah-Lantis!?"
Ellie: "Bruco, you've been spending too much time in the locker room..Bro."
Bruco: "You've got that right!"
Ellie: -Looks out side the window and glances at buildings, then to the traffic with people walking on the sidewalk furthest away from the cemetery. That's it!- "The cemetery!"
-Bruco and Chuck look at Ellie curiously-
Chuck: "You mean..The one in the middle of town?.."
Ellie: Uh huuh!
Bruco: "WHOA Radical! You mean where the people mention that Spooky Bro that likes to dig locker holes!"
Ellie: "Yeah..That..Sure..But I mean come on think about it..You notice how NO one ever walks right up against the cemetery..Or how people think there's no one in there..But there's always graves being dug."
Bruco: "Maybe the Bro's got some babes doin it for him!"
Chuck: "As much as meathead 'ere drives me insane.. I like that idea..I'm game for it."

-As they all agree on it they walk up in their group up to Quronotz and explain their idea. Quronotz rubs his chin and begins to laugh but raises an eyebrow of interest-

Quronotz: "So you all want to dig up the mystery of a supposed gravedigger eh?..Well..I'm going to allow this because simply no one has ever done the idea before.. I expect some interesting things out of you three! And hopefully some answers that I've been wanting to know for a long time.'

Setting: Doug and Lynda's house
August15, 2011 10:21 p.m.

-Lynda is in bed watching a movie on FX, relaxing comfortably. Doug meanwhile is downstairs tending to the dogs making sure they're in the kitchen, and have gone to the bathroom before bed.-

Doug: "Well..G'night girls".. -As Doug turns around, he feels a faint chill run up his spine while the dogs' ears stick up, sniffing the air around.-

Doug: "What the?..." -He folds his arms around his chest and looks around, noticing the dogs sensing something or someone nearby.- "Who's there?...Show yourself!" -As he turns around to see a faint light outside of house, which makes him curious. Reaching for his jacket he walks outside and follows the dim light of the lantern. Soft gentle voices beginning to ring in his ears-

"Doug...Don't be afraid..Follow the light..."

-Doug wasn't sure what to do..But he wanted to know who was snooping around his house as he walked closer to the light as it grew brighter with each step. The sounds of grass shifting, leaves crumbling, and twigs being kicked aside. Doug finally had to cover his eyes a bit because the source of the light was within feet of him-

Doug:"Alright..Turn around..Show yourself..Who are you? And why are you snooping around my house? Be sure of it I'm callin the police when I get back."

"You won't be calling no one I'm afraid Doug." A voice echoed.

Doug: "And why is that?"

-The lantern moves forward a bit as a figure moves out of the shadows. The pole from which the lantern hung by was by The figure in old clothing, stitched in some parts. He was about 5'9 and his face was covered with a torn up hood where you could only see from his nose to his chin. His arms were a bit muscular with torn bandages on them tipped off with some gloves that looked like they've seen their day. He also had a satchel around him and in his right hand he had a shovel which was crafted in the oddest way, but had tally marks on the head of it, this was Grawgh.-

Grawgh:"Because you will be departing from this world..And your train will be leaving soon."
Doug:-speechless-"Im..Impossible...I'm no-not dead..I'm very well alive!
Grawgh:"For right this second..Yes..But according to the agenda..You're the next to go."
Doug: "Agenda?..What Agenda? Just who the heck are you?!"
Grawgh:"I thought you would've recognized me from last night.."
Doug:-He takes a moment to recall, but then..He puts the puzzle together- "So..Your...You"
Grawgh:"I really do...And.. I'm sorry..But..It is..11:04..Your time is up."

-Grawgh places his shovel in front of him, putting both hands on the handle. For a few moments nothing happens and Doug is just standing there confused. Suddenly, Doug grabs his chest with one hand and falls down to one knee, coughing real bad. The coughing leaving him breathless as he tips over on his side and looks up at Grawgh, seeing him fade in and out..Finally his sight darkens. Grawgh stands there, sighing softly as remnants of Doug's soul drift into the head of the taker's shovel.-

Grawgh: "Your lover is going to be..quite..upset..Don't worry..I'll send her a notice."

-Grawgh whistles for his cart pulled by a black horse. On the cart is a simple casket with a cross on the top. Grawgh walks around to the back to fetch it, dragging it along the cold ground placing it next to Doug before opening it up. Shaking his head at the sight of the corpse he places it in the casket, sealing it tightly. Grawghs frown turned slowly into a smirk, then a smile..A morbid pleasure began to coarse through his body as he loaded the casket and sat up front taking the reins of the horse.-

Grawgh:"Back to the cemetery we go!.. I have a body to bury."
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The Gravedigger.
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